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    2. Welcome to SANWON ceramics

      Since 1993

      Taiwanese Invest  USD40,000,000  

      Tile manufactory 200,000m2


      About production capacity

      5 kilns of porcelain lines

      1 thin tile production line

      accumulate experience

      jointly established by3 ceramic producers

      All >50 years’ experience

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      About us

      Sanwon Ceramic was established in 1993 with a registered capital of 40,000,000 US dollars. It is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise which integrates R & D, production and sales of ceramic tiles. The headquarters of Sanwon Ceramic is located in a beautiful city – Xiamen, China. Our company adheres to the corporate culture “quality first and mutual benefit through honesty” and dedicates itself to developing the products in ceramic field. Sanwon Ceramic strives to provide various large enterprises, organizations and individual customers with systematic product services and perfect after-sales execution plan. 

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      Focus news
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